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If you believe you have not received adequate provision or have been excluded from a loved one’s Will you may be eligible to apply for further provision or provision from the Estate.

In New South Wales these types of claims are often referred to as “Family Provision Claims’.

In order to successfully apply for provision from an Estate you must be deemed an eligible person and be able to convince the Supreme Court there is sufficient need to justify the varying the terms of the Will.

The solicitors at McPherson Park Lawyers have extensive experience in the area of Family Provision Claims and will provide you with professional, reliable and practical advice in relation to whether you are an eligible person and if so, your prospects of success.

Please note that in NSW, Family Provision Claims are required to be filed within 12 months from the date of death.

You can request an online or in person appointment with an experienced solicitor by contacting McPherson Park Lawyers on:

(02) 4472 6377

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